The first paperback coming soon.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 10:50 PM
Yep, I am finally taking some time to make the paperbacks. I knew they would be tricky because . . .
a. I didn't have a series name.
b. I had two versions to figure out.

Now, the first was a little tricky. With Amazon I can avoid it and just call it Apocalyptic Fairytales: Episode One. But, well, paperbacks are a little different. I didn't want to call it Apocalyptic Fairytales, otherwise it would look like this:

Apocalyptic Fairytales: Episode One (Apocalyptic Fairytale Series)

That looks kind of silly to me, but that is what Amazon does with Series names. Therefore, I call it the Love Must Survive Series.
Because it does or everyone dies, right?:) I could have also suddenly gave them all different names and called it the Apocalyptic Fairytales but I didn't want to make it overcomplicated to think and find.

Now when you see it on Amazon, it will look like this:

Apocalyptic Fairytales: Episode One (Love Must Survive Series)

I am in the process of changing the covers only slightly. They are still very similar just slight text shifting, and the paperback will look just like them too.

Second issue, two versions. This was trickier. This was going to make the paperback HUGE where no one would want to buy it. However, paperbacks can also get buried if there is more than one. So, I resigned myself to make a sweet version for Amazon.

Anyhow, this is what the paperback will look like. I have to order a proof copy first to make sure it looks good. After that if I approve, it should be hitting around a week.

That isn't to say I am not going to make a sexy version, I am, but I am going to be keeping it exclusively through my printer's store. It will be linked to this site. Otherwise, I would just lose it through Amazon. Or worse, they mix them up and people don't know which version Amazon is placing first. (Descriptions do get overrided usually for ebook description.)

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