So those collections will be coming out soon

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 9:58 AM
Even though I am not making new episodes yet I will be getting the first collections out soon.

Ebook collections still have the sexy or sweet choices.

The first collection is An Apocalyptic Fairytale Collection One: Sky, Trees and Snow. It will be made into a paperback as well. It features The Soul Mate of Mister Umbrella, A Chorus of Falling Leaves, and Saving Mrs. Claus.

The next one won't be available in paperback form, but it will be purchasable as an ebook. It will have episode 1 and 2 together.
Sky, Trees and Snow will probably come out first because when I make Apocalyptic Fairytales the table of contents can be quite difficult. It can take awhile, but then I double my time with two versions. So, give it time.
I should probably have Sky, Trees and Snow finished by the end of this week. I will get an exact date soon. I am going to try and have the paperback come out closer to the same time too.


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