Happy Valentine's Day Blow out!

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 3:30 AM
I've got a treat for you. I got really into the Valentine spirit this year. I can't believe that soon my husband I will have known each other for nine years!@.@

This decision comes about because of a couple things:
I've talked to some authors and some of them think the pendulum is swinging in the other direction (more on this in a minute.)

It's Valentine's Day.

On February 16, I met my husband for the first time. It is always such an important day that we hold almost as high as our own wedding day.

So for the 14 through the 16th I've lined up one heck of a sale for you. First of all, Missing Cupid is published and FREE now on Amazon for the 14th-16th. However, I also have some more treats.

I have every single 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale' on sale for .99 until the 16th only.

I also have episode 1 of Apocalyptic Fairytales on sale for .99 until the 16th. (Yes!)

I am really going to watch how this sale goes. If it goes really well and brings more traffic to the books or episodes in general, I might make this their permanent price. I would be hard pressed to do it though because experience has taught me .99 does not go over well. It leads to bad reviews and harder pressure, but it is difficult getting others to catch on at $2.99

Truth is, for at least a year I make no extra sales just because of a lower price. Instead of earning 70% I get 35%. However, I really need to ask myself too. Money or readers?

I write to be read. I enjoy sharing these books with all of you.

So no matter what, I hope you enjoy the sale. My latest episode isn't on sale (Missing Cupid) because it is having a free day. For some reason another book of mine seems to be having a free day too. I must have glitched that one up (or Amazon after all the price changing) but I will fix it tomorrow.

Enjoy the lowered prices.

I am still waiting on Episode 3 sadly though. It's still in review. It really should be up soon, at least moving into the second publishing phase. For now, here is a quick link and summary for Missing Cupid.

Available at Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IFAF8V8 and all other Amazon online stores.

When Cloudie Skye has to fall in love with the richest billionaire in Valentine City to save the world, things don't go as planned as she starts falling for someone else.
Cupid Valentine, biggest catch of Valentine City. Richest man alive, loved by all, except Cloudie Sky. Cloudie Sky hates Arrow Love Inc., Cupid Valentine's business. Being struck by an arrow to fall in love is not in her plans. She wants it to be the right one when she falls in love not because of an arrow. A hard thing to keep doing when she is visited by someone night after night telling her she needs to fall in love with the creator of the arrows.

It's also not easy when said billionaire keeps himself so hidden that no one knows what he looks like.

Cupid Valentine's arrows hit their mark every time, guaranteed, but Cloudie Skye is different. Arrows have no effect. Once he gets a mysterious visit in his dreams, he relives his past and doesn't want to make the same mistake. He puts all of his efforts into creating something powerful enough to take Cloudie Skye down. When he realizes his mistake though, he must come up with a new plan to succeed.
Getting to know Cloudie under the second ID Cupid Tracker, can he get her to fall for him naturally?

Or was his mission to make his arrows work against her going to be his undoing?

Don't like episodes? Don't worry, this single adventure is complete. Books with the subtitle 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale' stories are single stories that you can jump into at anytime in any order without the cliffhangers or background of my Apocalyptic Fairytale series.

*Missing Cupid is a novella length story (Romantic comedy about 100 pages) that has a little sexual situation in the tale at the ending. This is the sixth book to be published in 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale'. (BONUS: includes two versions, sweet and sexy.)

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