I am still waiting on A Chorus of Leaves.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 8:32 AM
I was expecting it to be published by now. Honestly, Amazon can be finicky. Sometimes they come in two hours, sometimes two days. Anyhow, A Chorus of Leaves should be out soon. I was hoping to post a post with a link, but eh. What can you do? I am going to be making a couple special pages though. One for links to my cover artists in appreciation of the work they did.  (Also, so I have easy to find links to them and their design styles too.) Also one for direct links and possible summaries for the books already published.

I also read something weird by Google today found by another author which sounds like I need to improve my blog or lose it's ability to be found. I don't know how true that is, but I will probably add some cool things to it. I will let you know when things are happening for fantasy/scif/horror/apocalyptic authors I know, or when I review a book I like that is fantasy/scifi/horror/apocalyptic or something. Something extra. Maybe I will add some behind the scenes or possibly an extra story that isn't in the episode to the blog? That might be neat.

On another note so far, the books have taken off nicely, but only the first ones. Which I suppose makes sense. I am going to try though and make something a little different. My books are great at 80,000 words around but since they are so long, it takes a little while to gain momentum to the next. So, I think once every two to three months would be nicer. By doing that, I could probably shoot more for 90k or 100k per episode too.

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