Episode 3 of Apocalyptic Fairytales Published!

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 12:50 PM
Okay, sorry about little delays between text if you see them. Blogger is going all grey instead of orange today and I wanted you to know Episode 3 did in fact publish. It scared me at first because Missing Cupid seemed to go right through and it was just hanging around in review. I have had a book do that before and they had to email me later to check on rights. No problem, but I really hate delays.

So here it is:

There! It should be appearing on my Author's page soon too, within 24 hours like the rest. The link however will take you right to it on amazon.com. (change '.com' to your country's Amazon ending inside the address. For example for UK it would be  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00IGD7LPU 
Who is the girl in the waterfall?
That is Zoe. Zoe had a big part in episode 3 but she never met Apocalypse Boy. She knows nothing about anything and seems to have an entirely different story. However, Zoe's story has a large role to play. In Episode 4, you'll learn why.
This was a ton of fun to write. I finally got to set down and write Oz too. It is such a big factor. Although the biggest by far is Wonderland, Oz is not too far behind. Dark Water will be seen in the next episode.
Wow, though, wow. So much writing and still I can't get all the stories in I want. Now that I have three of these out, the next piece is going to be a good 2-3 months out before it is published. It is going to be a big one. Past 100k. I will try to keep it around 150k so you aren't trampled though.
In Episode 2 and 3, Dominic (our Apocalypse Boy) had really grown up. You also got to see Mrs. Claus again. They have their own next story too, alas, unlike Project Wolf: Unwanted Betrayal I can't set it out as a single. I don't want people to have to read other books to enjoy singles, and everyone would have to read Saving Mrs. Claus to enjoy it.
Episode 4 is where things really start to get intense. So stay tuned.

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