It clicked.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 10:29 AM
It just clicked one day. I was really wondering about the 'extra story' I had to give to have each book in An Apocalyptic Fairytale. I wanted to make them singles because not everyone trusted serials. At the same time I knew I had some great stories that could never see fruition because it would have to be very intertwined with the plot.

Then, it just clicked, like I said. Why can't I have both? Once I did that, I knew what I had to do.

I am publishing singles (standalone pieces) along with episodes. The episodes are 1-8, with at least 60,000 words (one full novel) in each one. The stories inside with dimensions that never really interact with the main character as much (as much, some, but not as much) are published as standalones. Complete stories.

Each piece, short or long, will be $2.99.

That means you can have about 20 singles (in total) at $2.99, regardless of length.

Or you can buy 8 episodes, get the full stories you can't get in singles, and get all the single adventures as well for much less (when you do some math.)

It's up to the reader how they pursue the adventure. And now, I can have the fun I originally wanted to, while at the same time, making sure my plot does not have to stand still.

Singles still have no real branding, but the episodes will so it's harder to get the two confused.

So available very soon: Same synopsis, just no extra short. Not needed anymore.

Also available very soon: Same synopsis, just no extra short. Not needed anymore.

Episode 1 title also available soon.
This is a real challenge, so I am also going to be putting up tentative dates. These are tentative for sure, but I am going to try my best to bring them out at that time. When you click the page 'book schedule' you will see what and when books should be coming out.

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