The next Apocalyptic Fairytales are published.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 9:01 AM
Well, maybe. Probably soon, I have just sent the new pieces out. Amazon should have them published anywhere from 2-24 hours. (Rarely is it longer than this)

Episode 2 of Apocalyptic Fairytales

Project Wolf (An Apocalyptic Fairytale)

Game World (An Apocalyptic Fairytale)
And coming January 27th will be A Chorus of Falling Leaves (An Apocalyptic Fairytale)

A recent discussion around one of my writings boards has also been plaguing me. You see, editors don't always like their names attached to the books they edit. Unless they say 'yes, you can', I don't.  Mainly it's because they send their edits back to authors and they choose whether to accept it or not. So, if everything isn't accepted and a complaint shows up on a book they edited, it can backfire on them I think. Even though readers might not pay as much attention to books like that, authors can and sometimes do. Or if they edited a book after it was published, that can affect things too.

So, I usually don't announce who did what, but artists I think are different. They create everything on these wonderful books, and are half the reason someone will click a book. (At least to me.) At least considering how many responded to that thread, it feels proper to give credit. So, I will be adding some slight credit updates (nothing exceptionally new) to my book pages and to my future books. These are artists I believe do amazing jobs with their work, and even now, I am having one of my favorites creating the book cover for Missing Cupid.

It was formerly Stupid Cupid, but it sounded extra silly and he isn't the one truly being stupid. It's the girl in it . . .sort of. Anyhow, I have changed it to Missing Cupid. I need a correct cover for it though. I need wings but  not this huge bulking man for Cupid. He's sleek, a smart alec and casual so I am paying that extra dinero out to Yocla designs. I have had her covers before and she does an amazing job. First rough draft is supposed to show up today, so I am excited.

I will fix that book schedule soon. Now that everything is done with though, I am going to go play some Candy Crush Saga and then get back to Project Wolf: Unwanted Betrayal. (No worries to those not handling the episodes, this is the second generation.)


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