Editor needs time.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 8:20 PM
Nuts! But, that's one reason I say my book schedule can be rearranged. My editor is taking a little longer to edit this piece, but I can't rush it. They need to check everything carefully and make sure I didn't add an extra arm or something to someone. (Already getting conflicted zombie things...) That and I don't know if you know editors but they are always busy. Getting editors feels like it's getting harder. I need to start booking them ahead online at priceline.com or something.:)

Anyhow, I should get it back by the fourteenth or so. Just in case, I am going to release Episode 2 on January 22nd with Game World. It won't be too long of a delay. I don't think it's long enough that I have to reschedule any future books except Episode One and Project Wolf.

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