A Love That Destroyed Time is finally out

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 12:26 PM
It has been pubbed through Amazon today. Hopefully, it will be there for sale in 24-48 hours or so. It will be on all channels since it started that way too. For my future books, I don't know what I should do. Retailers have shown an ugly side to indies lately, messing with their books (which some people make a living off of) and taking them down because of a freak out by their partner. And instead of contacting right away, they linger until everyone else is talking about it. And then they play naive, just like their partner, and blame it completely on indies. (Culprit thy name is Kobo.) Here I really was thinking about getting a Kobo reader too because my kindle is acting funny, and I can't trust my Nook Color for shopping. Thanks for making the decision easier.

Take out one week from your usual paycheck, and ask if that made authors who had nothing to do with the situation happy.

I didn't appreciate it. In the future, I may be publishing with only one site or a few sites with my distributor. We'll just have to see. I like making money, I like selling to customers in their preferred format, but I deserve to be treated with respect as well. That said, I hope you enjoy the new book coming soon! I gave it the best dang ending I could muster.

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