Saving Mrs. Claus, almost out to Amazon

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 7:10 AM
The second full story of 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale'. This is labeled #2 on Amazon for their rules, but it can be read stand alone. (Rules are just to fulfill Amazon, and let readers know the publishing order.

A special thanks to CoverD for such a beautiful cover.

Carrie is the next Mrs. Claus, and the son of Santa follows his family traditions to make her his. Only, tradition must break as Carrie’s world gets lost to darkness.

Kris wants to take a slow, traditional approach with his future Mrs. Claus. Night riding in the sleigh Drinking the elves cocoa. Distributing toys to good girls and boys as friends for a few years. His father though, isn’t doing too well in the magic apartment, and Carrie’s world loses the protection of Santa Claus.

Carrie is a sweet seventeen year old, who has known Kris only a little from his visits year to year. However, when he spits out the truth to her, running away to the North Pole isn’t on her plans. As people in her world turn, and the season of merriment is no longer celebrated, will she have any choice in the matter?

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus are gone. To give her world a fighting chance, can they both become the new Mr. and Mrs. Claus?
*Please be aware there are some sexual situations toward the end, but nothing overwhelming the story. Not suitable for young readers.


Before purchasing, please read the sample. Some books will fit you, while others might not. If you buy An Apocalyptic Fairytale book that didn’t agree with you in the future, you can return it back to Amazon within seven days of the purchase.
As always, a copy of Apocalypse Boy (the first short story that started it all) is also included. Special thanks to CoverD for the beautiful cover.

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