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Melanie Novella Ray Reply 7:59 AM
Wow, are those next books going to be great. It's hard to stop to make the paperbacks because I just want to sit out and write it.

Anyhow, I left the prices at .99 for awhile to see how they did, and the weird thing happened again. I just don't sell that many more. I will never know the reason why. The prices on the single adventures of 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale' should be going back up today.

However, I am going to leave episode 1 at .99 a bit longer to see if that helps introduce people to the episodes.

However, I still liked giving a bargain though, so here is what I will be doing.
The singles will be $2.99 a piece but the newest singles will be .99. (I will try to have at least a couple .99 titles out there if there is only one new one.) That means Missing Cupid and A Chorus of Falling Leaves will be going to .99 (On the sale, I didn't mess with the price so these should be changing soon.) Everything else goes up.
(That means the collection price has to move up to $4.99)
The rest of the episodes will stay at $2.99.

One more: For works that are under 20k, I will keep them at .99. (That is only one right now, Game World. It almost comes in at 20k.)

I really did enjoy the sale though, and I hope it gave you a chance to pick up a couple extra copies of another adventure you had been waiting on.

I am off to finish more paperbacks after I eat some breakfast here soon.

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