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For those who have been reading The Great Destruction Series, she is done. She has a little ways to go though because of editing, but you'll be getting a great deal.

After completing it, it still felt a little odd toward the end, and I realized that although it's best to start where I did (book 1) a prequel is REALLY needed to understand the series as a whole. Towards the end, the confusion of the characters, matched the confusion of my betas, so it's really best to change my books up a bit.

I am also renaming them. I have been iffy because I didn't want romance people to stumble and go 'this isn't complete romance, there's other plotlines!' or vice versa for fantasy time travel fans to be 'what's with all the romance?' It is an odd bit of shakiness between, so we are calling it what it is.

A Love That Destroyed Time.

That is really the whole plot, and I hope the prequel will really help. Except that I really want the prequel to be in book 1 too, so others don't have to buy the prequel. Urg! However, book 4 and 5 run so short. Since I usually divide right around the time of a leap or planetary change, they are really short, and I don't like it.

So, I am going to be republishing, but just to get YOU what you deserve.

The Prequel will be sold separately to try and get free (if I can on Amazon. Other places, definitely find it free) It will be called 'With Love'. This is really important because this is what can lead others to my gargantuan time travel book. (It will have book 1 of the series, plus a part you didn't see, so go pick it up!)

I will have the parts labeled and linked as the names of the books, so it should be easy to scroll to wherever you left off in the series.

If you have all the books but 5 though, this may sound icky, but it's not. If you send me proof of purchase (a snapshot of your receipt for books 1,2,3, and 4 (they could be free or not, no matter.) then I will send a coupon from smashwords for the brand new book. (Sometimes the word limit they hold is over reached, so it may be divided in two on smashwords.)

This will probably be the last huge and gigantic thing you'll see from me for awhile. To edit efficiently I need an editor. To edit one of my books is usually around the realm of 800 dollars, give or take 200. Life is really hard right now, (like REALLY hard) so my editing needs to be around 30-60, ergo I will have to start going serial to continue to publish new things or give up! And I won't give up. So either novellas, or serials is my future.

If I could make a living doing this, it would be different. As it stands, this is the only way to send out quality books.

I am currently redoing Lost Secret. Cutting some stuff out and adding some new stuff in. Will most likely rename it differently since it has been tampered with. Will be taking the older books down too. I know some people love it while others hate it with vengeance. To satisfy both worlds, I'm not giving up on the book. I am giving it the makeover it needs though, to make it better and less...odd? No, like the oddness. Abruptness that turned many away? That might be it. It starts in a different place. This will probably be serialized since, well, so much will have changed since the last edit, it will have to be pubbed in small segments.

I know that some don't like when authors tamper with old books, but I've developed my style and I KNOW what's wrong with it. Some authors believe in certain things, while others don't. So, I am not changing everything about Lost Secret. I am building it up from scratch. Will get to the same ending, but with different twists.

The first new thing you will see is a Christmas novella I wanted to get out last year, but the editing came back too late. That should be coming out.

But after that, you'll be seeing serials. You will probably see more than one start. At the end of the serials (or after a certain number of serials) I will join them together, just as you would have if you bought it as a book.

I write these as books. I write the whole thing out as a book. I just can't edit and publish together as a book. I am a fast writer (80,000 words a month is about a novel per month) however, I need to edit. That's where I get hit hard. I still get hit hard sometimes because I hired an editor that was too cheapo.:( Okay, no shortcuts.

Serials don't tend to have the best sales, but being able to keep publishing to me is the most important. I won't be taking everyone's money for a ride. Each serial will be about the size of a novella or short novel, but only 99. until they are sold in a larger collection or a box set.

Right now, my income is from cleaning the house and cooking! That's right, my husband is paying me a little something at the end of Sunday, depending on what he sees. So a lot of my day is starting to go to laundry, dishes, etc. Which actually isn't so bad! Instead of taking an hour to load dishes in and out of the dishwasher, it takes five to ten minutes if I do them at the beginning and end of the day.

Laundry too. Instead of massive amounts, I do a little each day. And my house looks much better for it.

I hope you enjoy the new stories coming out soon too! I will be writing a novella series too, so if you aren't a big fan of serials, watch out for those.:)

Times may be tough, but momma keeps chugging along!

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