Should be publishing the first collection soon.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 6:39 PM
This one should be publishing tomorrow or the next day. As soon as it does, I will email newsletter fans along with which book will be free in March. (I bet knowing my love of holidays you can guess at least one date.)
I have also created separate covers for the singles. I know I said I didn't want to do paperbacks since they were smaller, but paperbacks are actually a pretty good idea now. Amazon judges pages a little differently in ebooks (somewhere around 300 words per page?) Since I write two versions with everything in ebook, having a paperback with one version should make Amazon change the page count. Right now, all I can do is say about how many pages are in each version.
For now, I have this collection at $2.99. I am still curious as to the .99 sales of the other books and I will need a little longer before I can make a decision whether I see a real difference or not.
For my publishing books and some other really good goodies I'd like to add to the site, I need to figure out how to add subpages to the layout. It should be possible, it was one of the reasons I purchased this layout. When I have that up I will have some new sections that I hope you really enjoy.

Later on in a couple of weeks, I should have the ebook for the first collection of Episodes. Episode One and Episode Two. It will most likely be $3.99 or so.

The paperback for Episode One should be dropping soon too.

So far though, I see that .99 for the first episode has really helped people come to the series. So I am going to keep that in mind.

*Obviously I am treating the singles in the same way. One version per paperback. Since sweet seems to be more appreciated at Amazon, I went with the sweet for over there. The other version will be available via links to the site. I don't sell them, createspace sells them.
Createspace is the same place that Amazon orders my books from, it's just direct.

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