My new work will be coming soon, and you will not want to miss it!

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 11:55 AM
Well, maybe you will, but maybe you won't? I had a ton of fun writing the erotica pieces before. I couldn't do the things I have done as smoothly if I had never learned to read it, study it, or learn it. So while it may have been 'gross' to some, it was particularly helpful for me. Although those days are over, I finally feel as if I have found my place. I can write anything, I do not need to feel shy, embarrassed, or out of my league. Romance and erotica mixed into more simple heated sweetness. Changing the harder words into something soothing. Why, I've lightened up so much that I will be creating two versions for those that simply want sweet romance. (Don't worry, each version will be in the same book.) My next project will be coming soon. It will be shorter, but I am sure somewhere you will find something you like. Each one holds romance except the very first book. I am really excited about it, it's like a brand new beginning. If you like romance, fairytales, and some darker stuff between, then I hope you enjoy my Apocalyptic fairytales.:) Three will be coming your way soon, with one of them actually being a Christmas piece.

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