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Melanie Novella Ray Reply 8:51 AM
I will be getting started on the paperbacks soon after I have published episode 2. I have also decided to add two different versions to the books. One is steamy, and the other is sweet. So for those who enjoyed the romance part but don't want to hear about sex, I have cleaned up some of it for you. And for those of you who enjoy the sexy times as well as romantic like me, well, the original steamy version is still there too.

The versions will be added to the same book, I am not making them to buy separately for you. Books affected only related to Apocalyptic Fairytale Episodes and 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale' single adventure books.

I originally wanted to have two versions, but the page count looked like it would confuse many. However, I feel it's in my best interest to include two versions so that more people can enjoy without feeling uncomfortable. I label page count in description anyway and I cannot safeguard against everything.

Episode 1, Saving Mrs. Claus, and Soul Mate to Mister Umbrella will be first. I will let Amazon know about the changes, and it should update on your kindle automatically if it is set to do that. If not, then you will have to update it in your account yourself. That is ONLY if you want the sweet version (no graphic sex) of these three books.

Episode 2, Chorus of Falling Leaves, Project Wolf, and Game World will automatically be published this way. The rest will also be this way.

I haven't changed any other text, only adding a sweeter side for those who want to enjoy the books with a cleaner version. I have been sharing my Apocalyptic Fairytales with my mom, so I already have cleaner versions anyhow. I tidy up everything for my mom, so I might as well give you the option too.:)

**The paperbacks will also have both versions in the books. For most of them, the original cover will be used as best it can. Some cannot be made into print from their ebook cover counterparts, so I may have some different covers that fit for print. Most covers are already fitted for a 6 by 9 print.

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