Serials in Kindle Select

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 12:28 PM
When writing books, you need a goal. A plan, to be exact. Since serials aren't always the rage (especially serialized novels), I am going to be keeping these in kindle select.

I know, evil me. But, it won't always be in select. The serialized segments will be in there, completely edited, one by one. I will be posting when the free days are, and I'll be discouraging people to get them when there are not free days. My goal as I said previously, is to be able to afford editing now. After the books are finished, a full novel will be created.

Then I would take them out, and the full novel would be distributed everywhere.

Select sucks for most, but I don't want to go for book 1 perma free and look for .99 every time a new segment comes out. I don't want to, I don't. Select allows me to give readers the MAP to get the novel free.

If you don't have kindle when the serialization begins, and want to read it that way, just let me know.
I came up with something way better. Don't worry about serials at all.:)

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