The first two 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale' is out soon at Amazon! Here is the first one,

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Considered #1 for Amazon's rules, but this series can be read in any order you like.

Being sent to hell by The Boogeyman is rough enough, but what do you do when you find out that you need to be with your imaginary friend to stop an apocalypse?

Julie's life hasn't been great. Since her family died, she barely lives day to day. It isn't until her old imaginary friend comes to see her that her life changes. But when she is dragged to hell by the boogeyman, that life shatters.

Mister Umbrella in the Sky has been around several children in the past, but women? Not so much, yet he feels a deep connection to her. When three travelers from a different dimension tell him he must be with her, he does not take the advice lightly. Until she is taken by the Boogeyman.

In order to save her, Mister Umbrella must travel to the dimension known as hell and hope that he can beat an enemy that is centuries older than him.

*Please be aware there are some sexual situations toward the end, but nothing overwhelming the story.
Also includes Apocalypse Boy. The beginning short that started it all. This bonus is included within each 'An Apocalyptic Fairytale'.

A Special Thanks to CoverD who designed the cover to Apocalypse Boy.

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