You guys like stand alones a lot, therefore I am bringing something new to you. Interludes.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 11:05 AM
I know, I shouldn't complain that so many like my standalones. Some are probably just not comfortable with the word episodes. I've had some sales, but the stand alones are what are being bought at alarming rates. Why? I don't know.

I thought longer episodes would really help, but something I should be charging at least $3.99-$4.99 for doesn't even move at .99. That tells me there is something wrong, something people don't like about it.

What does that mean?

It means I am eliminating episodes. (Do not worry, if you like collecting what were the episodes, they will be out, just as a bundle.) I will be making interludes.

What is an interlude?
Someone somewhere out there came up with seasons and episodes for books. Well, I just made a new word.  I think it fits the best as to what I am doing.
Interlude: any intermediate performance or entertainment, as between the acts of a play.
The interludes will be the part of the episodes that were never inside the stand alones. That means that if you bought a stand alone, you can find out more by reading interludes, if you want. You don't have to go out and chance an episode. I won't be reeling you in for your money in every book I make. You decide whether you want a simple read, or whether you want an interlude. That simple. It's all up to you.
Yes, it's reader choice. Want a series and a long plot to go with it? Buy the interludes. Don't? Then don't, buy a standalone. This also means that I can make my 'Episodes' any length I want. Instead of holding back to 150k, I can get all the nitty gritty I wanted and I don't have to take three or four months. At this rate, you should probably get a book every two weeks or so. Every once in awhile, once a month. (Depending on my budget for edit and covers.)

What will interludes look like?

Like this. I am taking a standard look across all interludes so that no one gets confused. Same cover, different words:

What about the cool episode covers?
Those will be the covers for the bundles. (The standalones and interludes.) Considering there were eight episodes, there will be eight bundles.

When do they come out? How do I find them?

The interludes are going to go by An Apocalyptic Fairytale so there will be no confusion. The collections themselves will be called Love Must Survive Series too since they are all one harmonious piece now.

They will come out VERY soon because all I have to do is add in the interludes and publish those, and take out the episodes on Amazon. For now. I will republish (basically reupdate) the same thing but I want to change out the covers and titles. (no more wording for episodes.) During that, I need to change descriptions on all the singles so that no one gets confused.

I am going to try everything at .99 since this is not tried yet and nothing is really ever that long.

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