Free this Month: Project Wolf

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 7:21 AM
Newsletter goers knew ahead of time, but now the rest of you can know. The free book for March will be Project Wolf on the 13th through the 17th.

I am gearing up for a blog tour soon of Episode One, but I am also writing Episode four. One other thing too:

I have decided to write an apocalyptic fairytale that isn't inside the episodes. Dominic never makes contact. This title however will be free at several sites, and hopefully if Amazon price matches, there too.

If it price matches, then I won't be having a book free a few days a month. There would be no need for it, I would have a book free all the time.:) That would encourage more people to try the apocalyptic fairytales.

Since you stopped by though, some hints for episode three:
Dominic and Apocalypse Girl are about to have it out in a big way.
You'll find out Zoe's connection.
A little bit of Kris and Carrie. They show up sporadically in certain episdoes until the episode that leads up to Christmas.
More Oz.
And some very revealing information that hits in a big way in Wonderland.
Don't forget Dark Water too.
And of course, we are about to meet the destined lovers of Project Wolf: Unwanted Betrayal?
Plus Cheryl, Guyver, and another old guest appearance you may/may not have figured out yet.
And what's this? Is Sera finally going to get the warning she needs?
Possibly more.:)

As you can see, big things, so stay tuned. It will probably be arriving some time in May. Hopefully early may, possibly late April, but I can't push too hard. Editing, covers, singles, formatting, so much needs done too.

The paperbacks are starting to come out too. They don't match of course to the ebooks (Sorry!) but I don't think many people will buy novellas. They are mainly there so that Amazon corrects word count, instead of doubling the word count because of both versions.

As for the sub tabs on the design, it only works in certain browsers. I will make people with the wrong browser frustrated beyond belief if I put in the tabs. This means I might possibly be heading to wordpress with a regular domain name. I would have to find the right design though because I like my banner at the top and the way this is organized.

Out in paperback now is Saving Mrs. Claus. Soon will be Episode One, and Missing Cupid. Others will be coming too, but only so much a day.

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