Got some dates changed and new layout coming soon.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 9:06 AM
I am really enjoying my new Apocalyptic Fairytale writing adventures, but Missing Cupid keeps bugging me. So do my other two. I have lots of stories and only 80k, maybe 90k to share them. I have things happening in each episode that can't be jostled around or it could ruin the flow. However, I really need to give some extra time to those long changing stories. I felt like I could barely let Oz and Dark Water breathe. Some stories just need more time than others, so I arranged my schedule a little differently.

This month (I mean February) I want to release Missing Cupid for free for Valentine's Day. His last name is Valentine's, it is sweet, people have wings, it's Valentine's Day itself! I can't release it the 27th. Makes no sense. However, X-Zone and Demon Wedding need their own space which is whittling out Oz and Dark Water. Aych!

So, I changed the dates. I will be having Demon Wedding and X-Zone arriving one month later because I can't jostle the storyline. Everything is where it should be. I am taking some extra time to expand on Oz, Dark Water, and getting Cheryl and Guyver where they need to be. I am also starting the beginning of Branded which is super important. Everything feels too condensed, and I don't like it.

So, I adjusted the book schedule. Your newest tales are still coming out in February. Episode 3 and Missing Cupid.

Just not the other ones yet, although you will see X-Zone and Demon Wedding introduced in Episode 3.

I'm expecting episode 4 to be a biggie. At least 90k, so I do hope you enjoy.

Oh and last but not least, I should be changing my layout soon. Since I'm not really writing erotica, I think a little something more uplifting would be nice. I have looked and finding a sweet apocalyptic feel for a layout is hard, but we'll see what I can do.:)

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