Oz is debatable

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 5:02 AM
Of all my stories I love, Oz has to be one of the great ones. I would LOVE to bring it out as a single. It would be a full length novel because it spans six episode lengths. I thought twice before because it does cross over and interact into different worlds. However, even Wonderland Mafia has a scheduled stop or two in different worlds.

The difference is Apocalypse Boy is NOT involved. He never shows up within those single stories. For Wonderland Mafia, Cheshire has taken over and for Oz it's the Good Witch of the North that helps to get them on the right track. They get along fine without him. So, would Oz be something I could give to everyone as a single? It remains to be seen.

When I have unscheduled thoughts, I test it out. I send it to an editor or beta reader who has never heard of the episode connection. If they feel 'something is missing' then I knock it out. I don't want to call something a single if it's not. Knowing there is background to the series makes it hard enough for some of my audience to think 'this can't be the full story.'

So quite possibly Oz might come out as a single during episode 6's time. I have added it as optional in my schedule. Also, I might be changing a couple of titles too. I work with more plain titles sometimes, but when I bring them out, the titles could be changed. The cover art shouldn't be though. (None except for Episode 1, but that seems to have been a good change.)

Other than that, everything is right on time. I managed to still type just fine with my daughter at home over Christmas break. Surprise, surprise. So to my knowledge unless my editor takes longer than predicted, episode 2 along with project wolf (single story), Game World (single story), and A Chorus of Falling Leaves (single story) should be out by the 13th on Amazon.

Scheduled stops for free I don't see coming anytime soon yet. I did really well with Saving Mrs. Claus, but it was a little more mainstream. A Chorus of Falling Leaves might possibly go out for a free day in the near future. I haven't decided on that yet, but I will let you know at least a day ahead if it does.

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