Paperbacks for collections instead of singles.

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 7:45 AM
Comparing my ebook premades to exact fits . . .very few work. As should be the case, but there will be a lot more purchasing to make the books fit. (At least twenty new covers that wouldn't match the ebook.) So, for those wanting paperbacks, you will have to wait (sorry) for the singles to become *full collections. Each collection will be a full fledged novel with similar stories. There are six collections in all. The full collection will contain all of the singles in some way, shape or form. I am going to be designing those six covers, so that ebook and paperbook will match up. Plus, you will get more story for your buck.

*Collections are $3.99 a piece in ebook, but some of them even contain four stories. My mega collection is $4.99 in ebook (because it's two collections in one, wolves and demons.) Pretty good value if you want to look that way. Those aren't published until all the books in that particular collection are out.

Episodes of course are still being made to paperbacks. They are all whopping great sizes and I have designed them for ebook and paperback.

Another great thing about fixing the paperbacks this way is that I can use my bought font. Because it was expensive, but it makes my episodes font look unique from several other books. So when you get the chance to use more of something you bought, it's a good thing.

Got to run now. Working on Stupid Cupid right now. It's really a ball, this one is so fun to write. I hope you like it when you get to Episode 3.^^

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