Free Days for Saving Mrs. Claus from Dec. 21-25

Melanie Novella Ray Reply 3:37 PM
I have decided to try a free day on Saving Mrs. Claus. Why?
1. People will be able to get it free for the holidays. I mean, come on, it's the Christmas Dimension story. We won't be seeing Kris and Carrie for some episodes down the road. (More as guest stars, not a single story.)
2. People can see exactly what I am putting into my episodes, and hopefully figure out that for the usual same price, they could get the episode. More eyes, more notice.
3. Maybe some sell through or reviews. Doubtful at this stage, right now I am just writing. I plan on writing more episodes before I do any super heavy promoting. Most likely if I get a review it will be a one star 'cause that's more my luck. :) (I wish I was kidding, but my books don't always fall into mainstream popular insta-love.)

This is completely experimental. I don't know if I will do this in the future for other books. If results are good, I might. (Free books on first dibs, I bet you'd all like that.)

I don't however plan on putting any of my episodes through the free days. After the series is well on it's way (book 4 or 5), I may try to expand the first book to permafree, but even that's a big question mark right now.

Right now though? Most likely it will just make me feel cheery for giving the Christmas title away.

Now, I've got to go. To keep to a schedule, I must continue to write. Without it, I won't be able to bring out these great books to you!:)

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your free gift on me.:)

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