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Melanie Novella Ray Reply 2:36 PM
My new website is having problems right now. I had it working perfectly, but alas, the stupid hosting place decided to do something brand new without any warning to me. I now have to remember to go back to my email to verify I ordered my own domain.
Honestly. It gets suspended if it isn't. Stupidest policy in the world. They accept my money just fine, but suspend my site afterward? Really? It'd be okay if they had warned me when I saw signing up for my new domain. I don't check that particular email address very often, so it took some time to figure it out.
They didn't even put the warning in the account notifications. How screwed up is that?
Anyhow, it should be back in 24-48 hours. For now, this is all you really need to know.

April 1st, For Love of A Vegan will be coming out.
April 13th, Episode 4 of Apocalyptic Fairytales will be coming out.
More will be coming out on April 13th and 20th, with Replica pulling in at May 13th.
You will see it better at the other site, once it fixes itself.

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