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What a lovely reboot it is.

For others coming from my Melanie Ray site, welcome! I needed to move since my ISP is really finicky about what they accept. They have a great service, but are against things like erotic romance. Since I do write those (along with sweet and others) I don't want to wake up and see them delete my site with no trace. That sucked the first time, and I do not need a replay.

I am getting one of my sweet pieces out underneath my name now (especially since my catalog got wiped.) I had to think really hard about it, but I've decided to write everything I write beneath this name (and one other.)

-Everything I write is romance, whether erotica or not. I would prefer having people decide on their level of heat and genre for romance instead, having their pick of the books instead of separating them out. I already add warnings for heat intensity, so that should work out.
-It's easier for me to create a following underneath one name.

I still have one series beneath the name Penelope Dark, but I am reconfiguring it to be less all-over-the-place for the genre. This will probably take some time to complete (like years, so it's not on my 'must be done now' plate). Also, I will be offering the original edition with it too, for those who did prefer the original series.
So to that end, I am leaving it on the other name. Until I can really get the story to focus how I want.

Today I will be getting three pieces out (hopefully.) Right now, I am getting this one republished. (I do NOT go back to distributors and start over. I simply change my name so purchasers do not accidentally re-buy.)

-It Sucks Being Romeo and Juliet is a sweet romance. (No graphic sex, but there is a little play in the end. Nothing serious though. It was my mom's favorite book if that helps.)

Previous fans! Rejoice, I found the original stock image. The first piece was purchased from a designer, but it was too small for paperback. (Paperback is still out there circulating somewhere beneath Melanie Ray. If anyone has trouble finding it, I may make another paperback later. It's just that I've never sold a paperback copy so...) I had to get another piece but the concept didn't rock me as well. I also took the stock photo and added my own effects, so I LOVE this cover even more.

I don't know if I'll convert the special edition. Probably not. I think even though it's shorter, this edition is still the best loved. If you would like me to put out the special edition, then please let me know.

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